MyDraw 强大的图表矢量绘图软件


无论您是需要一个简单的矢量绘图工具还是全功能的 Microsoft Visio ™ 替代品, MyDraw 都将是你最好的选择

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Bank of America Corporation
Intel Exxon Mobil
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Customer Quotes

QUOTE As a test, I installed the latest MyDraw version. I am surprised about all possibilities one has, and how easy it is to work with MyDraw.

A first good test was to see how MyDraw handled an import of a GedCom file. Amazing how quick the import was ready and to see the result. In addition, it is very easy to make adjustments, for example dynamically move/add/delete items. Further, I did some tests with other present wizards, and there are a lot of them. Again, I am surprised how easy it is to work with the program.

This means that I am very happy with the program and that I am looking forward to use it for every drawing/schematic I need to make.

Bob Loeffen